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You're a natural at kickstarting projects and campaigns, Aries, and the partial solar eclipse offers prime conditions for you to start bringing people together for a cause that matters to you. You may feel even more inclined than usual to initiate something important or to help others.

According to Stardust, "new career goals and a promotion are in the stars for you.

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Brace yourself for positive feedback from your colleagues and supervisors, and give yourself license to really lean in to your professional pursuits while the opportunities are available. Is the daily routine bringing you down, Gemini? The partial eclipse may have you feeling stir crazy in your own life, which means it's an ideal time to plan a spontaneous adventure.

Request a personal day or throw together a quick weekend getaway.

Yearly Eclipse List

Wait 'til you see how much better you feel after some time off from the usual grind! Cancer, Stardust advises you to "step into your power" and "be a boss in both your personal and work life. Now is a time for you to focus on partnerships. You might find yourself coming to a new understanding about the give and take that's required in all kinds of successful relationships.

Solar eclipse of February 15, - Wikipedia

If you can take these lessons to heart, you'll experience a new depth in those relationships. Virgo, this eclipse will offer you a much-needed opportunity to get to the root of your personal issues and focus on your own needs. It probably doesn't come naturally to you to table the expectations of others and take care of yourself first, but it's important that you do just that right about now. You can expect to feel positively overflowing with creative ideas and artistic visions come the partial eclipse.

Celebrate those good vibes with your friends, but exercise caution in jumping in to the actual execution of all of those ideas too quickly. Prepare to have your phone totally blowing up around the time of the partial solar eclipse.

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You'll have a full dance card and lots of opportunities to catch up with family and friends. Do you remember what was shifting in your life at that time? The total lunar eclipse with the full moon will be followed by a new moon partial solar eclipse in Aquarius February The lunar eclipse in January will affect the next three months and the solar eclipse affects the next six months. The next eclipse season or phase will be July 12th, 27th and August 11th. If we put in our mind that change is likely, it will not catch us off guard.

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  • The change energy can also be directed to affect things we want. Is there an old way of thinking, acting or reacting that is holding you back from living a happy life? Is there a group or individual who influences you to stay in your comfort zone? Art can inspire us to look to a higher purpose in our life.

    Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aquarius - February 15 2018

    What types of inspiration can you use to add fire and passion to your life? Paintings in your home, music that moves your soul and even our fashion style can inspire us to be brave.

    The signs of these eclipses are more about emotions and ideas than about the more physical things in our life. We may begin to weave new webs of significance about how we interact with reality that will redirect our most basic goals. If you see people changing, it is the eclipses that are bubbling the truth of their soul up to the surface.

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    With the Sun in Aquarius an air sign , we will be focused on big picture ideals. However, the full moon lunar eclipse in Leo a fire sign January 31, the Cancer energy is more prevalent, making us have a lot of emotions. If you find yourself stuck in a negative emotion, focus on the opposite emotion that is positive to transmute the feeling and generate higher vibration frequencies.

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    • Many people who are not aware of eclipse season will go through major life changes at this time and it may catch them off guard. Full moons make it easier to be reactive because our nervous system is charged full of energy, so take your magnesium supplements, use your lavender essential oils and play some slow jams to keep your mind in a chilled out mood. Consequently, dynamics in all parts of our lives are going to be shifting and morphing into a more conscious culture.

      However, it can also move relationships to the next stage. Then, put yourself in environments where the type of person you want may gravitate.