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Naylor was claimed by his newspaper to have predicted the crash of the R airship. This led to pressure on Naylor to come up with a simplified system of astrology suitable for a newspaper column. After some experimentation, Naylor decided on sun signs. The following table [1] shows the zodiac names in Latin, with their English translation and the individuals' names.

It also shows the element and quality associated with each sign. The starting and ending dates of the sun sign are approximate, as they may differ from one year to another by a day or so , due to the fact that the earth's orbit around the sun is not synchronous with earth's rotation one year does not comprehend a whole number of days. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved Categories : Astrology by type History of astrology Sun.

Hidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. New millennium astrological chart. History of astrology Astrology and science Astrology and astronomy Traditions, types, and systems. Natal Electional Horary. Winter Solstice December 22 — the day before Great Cold. I know I have warned you off domestic and real estate projects until May This Sunday it is so filled with good aspects and good fortune that I am dropping that advice, for just a day. So work to solve any long-standing domestic problems— flooded basement, rotting stairs, too many kids throw one out etc.

Just kidding! But do not commit yourself to anything huge — e. Romance calls you late Monday afternoon to predawn Thursday. It probably will not amount to much, partly because you are in a quiet, restful state. Monday pm wants you to choose between hands-on efforts, and delegating tasks.

If meeting a lover mid-week, make it Tuesday. Tackle chores Thursday through mid-afternoon Saturday. Eat, dress sensibly. A fear or worry you have Friday night is way overblown. Do not form a new relationship this day. Saturday brings a streak of charm, grace, wittiness and talkativeness that will last into early October.

Flirtations, optimism, blue skies, popularity and social delights keep you happy! But Saturday Sept. Then Sept. So gather your flowers while you can. Above all, enjoy yourself, for such fun is important to your well-being. Be curious, ask questions. The rest of Monday daytime is a dud. You can accomplish a big pile Sunday, can contact the one you need to. But handle this whole area of communications and short trips lightly — submerging yourself in it e.

Home, family, property and security take you in their arms Mon.

Night Light News | Living in Harmony with the Astrological Cycles

Monday night brings a wave of romantic feeling: is it real or fantasy? Build a garden shed or whatever. Wednesday holds little, few satisfying results. A good day to relax, contemplate, hug the kids and study the backyard. Your luck is high, yet mixed. You might fall madly in love, or meet the person who might spark it. For fantasy is a kind of imagination in ignorance. Remain ambitious and hard working, Sage. Bosses are observing. You might be launching a creative career-linked project.

Kristin Fontana Evolutionary Astrologer

But gear up for two more weeks of solid work. Then it sparks errands and messages, contacts and visits, trips and curiosity, until pre-dawn Thurs. For now, choose outside, career. Bosses might rear up if you make a sudden announcement or move Wed. That choice between home and the outside world recurs.

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Rather than choose right away, give yourself a night or weekend to contemplate. Thursday into Saturday brings domestic, family influences. Hug the kids, garden, etc.

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Careful with plumbing. Saturday night starts a weekend of romance — or romantic yearning. And births nascent relationships to spark that yearning. A good time to buy or customize insurance, too.

Leading Light Astrology Pages Horoscopes Monthly Forecasts

But that support ends Saturday Sep. So act Sunday, into am Mon. Talk about your future hopes or your beliefs. But remember, in your periods of heightened personal presence as Sun. Other people are your anchor and your guide this year. Errands, communications, trips and paperwork fill Thursday to mid-afternoon Sat. Head for home Saturday eve — a pleasant minor surprise awaits you there.

Treasures lie deep, under surface appearances. Talk, communication can reveal them. This is your last week of good or easy rewards from research, investments, and lifestyle changes — but sexual drives and medical exigencies last until Oct.

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Good fortune lasts to am PDT Mon. Your energy snaps back Mon. Handle people, get out — see and be seen — lead others, you know the way. Monday night nudges you to choose between fast money e. Tuesday moves calmly and productively. But Wed. Pursue money goals Thurs. A great investment, career opening, or money door might appear. But something comes to a climax. You could put the money down, or make your bid for closeness.

Saturday pm brings errands, trips, calls, visits — and begins, very lightly at first, an affectionate, mellow mental awakening, to last into October. Relationships remain your prime focus. This is a splendid, opportune time, Pisces. Though, in truth, the onus is on you to co-operate first. You can boost your fortunes through negotiations, contracts, relocation, and going outside yourself. Some of those you face are charming, young, sweet; some are fierce and impatient.

Weekly Forecast September 9th, 2019 Astrology Answers

By Saturday Sept. On the plus side, these fierce guys can lead you to a higher income. In which case delay is your friend! For example, flirt but think twice about going to bed.