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Benefic planets are very powerful in doing good while exalted. According to one theory, the malefics are strong if they are debilitated or in combustion. In the Ayurdaya method of computing the life-span by assessing the number of years contributed by each planet towards longevity, combustion takes away half of the longevity contributed by a planet which is in the combination.

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Combustion is therefore malefic and capable of cutting short the power of a planet. The exceptions to this rule are Venus and Saturn, who if combined with the Sun,contribute the full span of life. Venus represents the life-partner and enjoyments. Venus rules the 7th and the 12th, ruling again the life-partner and bed comforts respectively. Venus combust took away the wife of this renowned statesman, rather early in life, though the native lived upto 94 years.

Combust Moon in Horoscope 02

The 7th house also rules partners in trade, occupation etc. Rajaji always differed from the views held by his compatriots in public and political life and separated rather frequently from his friends. I feel that this peculiar nature of Rajaji is explained by the acute combustion suffered by Venus, lord of the 7th. This combination falls in the 1st house, in opposition to the Moon in the 7th which relieves the combustion slightly from its very bad effects.

The Ascendant in Chart 3 is afflicted by Saturn and the Sun.

Combust planets in astrology – effects and results

The Moon occupies a Rasi owned by Saturn who is afflicted in the 1st house. There is no relief afforded by the aspect of beneficial planets. He developed a criminal outlook and committed murders, sexual perversions and rapes and the end came with his execution after conviction. The disposition of the Ascendant hardened his outlook to such an extent that he enjoyed murdering children.

The Sun ruling the 4th house heart is in Taurus owned by his enemy Venus who is in the 12th therefore.

The Sun is also afflicted by malefic Saturn who in turn is combust. The Yogakaraka effects of Saturn were simply neutralized. In all evil association, the good results vanish with the bad effects fully materializing. The time of birth is not available for Chart 5.

Generic Effects of Sun (Surya/ Ravi)

The 5th rules political influence. Jupiter placed therein gives ministership. The native was elected to the Lok Sabha early in Saturn Dasa and gained a place in the Central Cabinet after a period of anxiety. He became a Cabinet Minister too.

But he later died in harness. He is reported to have lost his favourite son due to an accident in Mercury Bhukti. The Sun and Mercury are therefore almost in the same longitude. This very close situation of Mercury with the Sun gives a sharp intellect. The Sun is hemmed between Mercury and Jupiter, Mercury in cazimi and Jupiter ahead of the fast moving planet. This peculiar three-planet combination in the 10th has fortified the 10th house. In Bhava, the Sun and Mercury are in the 9th. Therefore the two houses, the 9th and the 10th, are fortified.

The native Sri H. He was known for his powerful memory, sharp intellect and strict adherence to Dharma. The 9th Rasi is flanked by exalted Venus on the one hand and Jupiter-Mercury on the other leaving out the malefics. The lord of the Rasi where the three closely connected planets are situated is exalted in Pisces ruled by Jupiter thus causing a strong Parivartana Yoga. The combination of planets seems operate even if any of the planets and the Sun were to be located in different signs.

But I have not considered such cases here. Leaving out the shadowy planets the Sun is said to have superior strength and affliction to the planets caused by the Sun, intensified by the effect of combustion, will spoil the combination altogether. It is therefore to be inferred that the planets should not be situated too close to the Sun but also well within a respectable effective distance to produce the results ascribed to a combination with the Sun.

Astrologically, planets are said to be combust when they are within the below mentioned degrees on either side of the sun:.

In modern astrology, most of the astrologers take the average of 10 degrees either side of the sun for combustion calculation for any planet as it is not easy to remember the specific degrees as mentioned above. As you can see in the above images, in the 1st image Mercury is combust at 9.

Moon is the mind itself, combust Moon will give restless mind, affect the peace of mind and there will be a fear of being receptive to the life. Combust Mars may give lack of strength courage to face the challenges of life. In the process, native may not be able to support his decisions and become argumentive. This will give them the feeling of right and wrong or if this is their fault or not. In turn, this will teach native a few lessons about communication.

Atheism may develop in the native. Combust Venus may give hard time of feeling less valued and appreciated. They may feel life has not given them enough love and affection they deserve in spite of giving the beloved everything in order to feel appreciated. Native will feel disrespected and unappreciated. Native will fell to be given excessive amount of responsibilities and workload than what they can afford in personal or professional situations.

View First Unread. Lion o ness. Are both my moon and mercury Combust?

Combust Moon - Part I

Also my Mercury is Rx I have read it means its weaker.. But not totally sure how to interpret it. Weaker how, in what way? Since mine are all in Leo does it really even make a difference? Does it mean my leo in general isnt that strong? Or that maybe my ego is the strongest? Attached Images My Natal. Last edited by Lion o ness; at AM. Yes: even using the variable planetary parameters for combustion like the Greco-Romans did both Mercury and the Moon are combust. It is not so much that the "power" of the combust planet is taken away, rather that the individuality of the combust planet becomes affected by the Sun's dominating "personality", and the combust planet must then be looked at as having become "mixed" with the Sun and therefore taking a backseat-influence-wise-to the Solar influence.

The Moon is greatly affected by combustion its going to Hecate and the New Moon Mercury is only modestly affected by combustion according to the ancient authors , since it "lives" near the Sun never more than 28 degrees away from the Sun , so Mercury's "individuality" is-among all the planets-the least affected by combustion.

The limits of combustion vary according to the ancients with the planet involved. I combustion to occur beginning at 3 degrees before or after the Sun for the Moon and Mercury. Combustion and the related "under the sunbeams" concept is considered to be an accidental debility. Vedic astrology jyotish has very similar concepts relating to combustion.

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Originally Posted by Lion o ness. So basically My Sun ego overpowers my Moon emotions? Mercury is ok with the ego?